This is a program I made after having some trouble with an external server at work. To test the connection I wanted to test whether it responded to a few large files or a lot of small files. But generating 300+ files by hand takes a lot of time, enter the FileGenerator.

This program is designed to let you easily create a large amount of files in custom sizes. It supports generating randomly sized files within a custom range, or a lot of files of a single size. You can also create a naming pattern which allows you to quickly sort the files out if you need to put them in a folder with other files.

If you experience any problems with this software, please contact me with the Help/Chat button and report your problem. I will fix it as soon as I can.





BETA: Filegenerator has exited Beta stage

Stable: Filegenerator v 1.2





Regular launch

  1. Place the program in the directory you wish to generate the files in.
  2. Start the program
  3. Enter the number of files you wish to generate (eg. 500)
  4. Enter the size you wish the files to have (in bytes) (eg. 1000), you can also enter a size range to allow the program to randomly pick a size within the range for each file individually (eg. 100 - 1000).
  5. Enter a naming pattern (eg. Test file %i). Use %i to choose where the program will enter the file number.

Launch using arguments

  1. Place the program in the directory you wish to generate the files in
  2. Navigate the terminal to the location of the program
  3. Enter: FileGenerator.exe <Number of files> <File size> [File name pattern]

File size can either be a fixed size (eg. 1000) or a range (eg. 100-1000) NOTE: these sizes are in bytes. If you enter a range the program will pick a random size within that range per file.

File name pattern is the naming pattern you wish to give to your files. (eg. "Test file %i") (include quotes) %i is replaced by the file number, so that every file will have a unique name. The default naming pattern is simply "%i"




  • Fixing bugs


I'm not planning to make an OS X or Linux version of the program as they already have built-in commands for generating a large number of files.