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My name is Anders Jakob, I'm from Norway and I've always enjoyed creating things and having projects. I have a very creative background where I've played several instruments, made videos, photos, composed music, etc.

I'm currently a student at the University of Oslo, I study Informatics: Network and Programming. I'm also working at the university as a Research Technician (meaning IT support mainly, but I also do other things from time to time) at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research.

This webpage is an opportunity for me to show the world some of my ideas and projects and hopefully get some feedback and ideas in return.



Please note that all software downloadable from this website is developed by me and I maintain all rights to it. Feel free to use it personally, but do not post it on any other website without getting my specific permission. (If you're interested in doing something like that, contact me via the Contact page or




Here is a list of my current public projects.



Status: Considering complete rewrite

Zigne is an app developed to calculate whether the results from a sample are statistically significant or not.



Status: Complete

Filegenerator is a program that allows you to generate dummy files of specific number, size and name.



If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop me a mail!

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