Zigne - Behind the scenes

Now that the user interface is more or less done, I've started the work behind the scenes.

I've been in contact with Fuse and reported the bugs I've come across and most will be fixed in the next update (this coming week). So in the meantime I've started working on the machinery that will be doing the calculations and reporting the result to the user.

So far I've finished the loading screen code and most of the code for the settings menus. Right now I'm working on the logic that will allow users to add and remove parties from the Serial calculations page and as well the button for clearing out any text that has been typed into it. This will probably be some of the most complex code in this app, so I figure it would be smart to get it out of the way early.

Thanks to the quick reaction from the people at Fuse, I might be able to share the current state of the app with a couple people to get some early feedback and thoughts some time next week.

Announcement of Sint

Discontinuation of Fileshare

As some may have noticed, the FileShare project is being replaced. The reason for this is an idea I had for the program, which would change the core functionality so much that the original name no longer is suited.



A new name in the ranks

Say hello to Sint.

Sint (Secure Interaction) is the new project that replaces Fileshare. The concept is expanding on the original Fileshare program, from simply being about sending files, to allowing secure interaction.


Secure interaction you say, what exactly do you mean by that?

Well, instead of simply being a program which transfers a folder, it will be a hub where you can chat privately and securely, send documents, files, or folders, etc. without having to worry about NSA or some hacker stealing your secrets. You will be able to regulate who gets access and who are not permitted, blacklist unwanted guests, regulate permissions and more.

All of this while being protected by a VPN between your clients and your host, AES 256 encrypted communication, and the ability to personally verify that the person connecting is not an imposter.


Wait, that sounds like a lot of work... When can we expect to see a release?

It is indeed a lot of work, and I don't know when I will be done. But I will have Dev and Beta releases while the software is being developed. I will also implement the security bit by bit, so keep in mind that any builds marked INSECURE, does not yet have a fully implemented security and that you should not use them to transfer any information you don't want the world to know.


Thanks for your interest!

Buckle up!

- Anders Jakob

Stable release of Filegenerator

I've now moved Filegenerator from Beta to Stable. You can purchase the program in the store for 2$.

As I have no ideas for more functionality to add to the program I'm ending the beta. If you have any ideas for functionality to be added, let me know and I'll reopen the beta.

New issue tracking system and general website upgrades

Issue tracking system

Alright, so after many hours of tinkering, I've finally been able to get the issue reporting and tracking system up to scratch. The system is a combination of several services which I've tried to fit as seamlessly together as possible.

One of the new features is the small help button in the bottom right corner of the screen. It functions as a chat button if I'm available, or an email button if I'm away. It's primarily meant as an easy way to report issues or ask questions, but if you just wanna talk for a bit it can do that as well.

One neat thing about this button is that it allows me to easily create Issue tickets, based on the conversation or the email. The tickets show automatically up on the Issue Tracker page, where you can follow them from start to finish. You will also get notified by email about any progress regarding your ticket if you supplied email information in the ticket.

I've also made it easier to follow the progress of any of the projects as I've implemented the Ticket system as a way to display progress regarding features in the other projects.

Another change, which you might not notice, is that each webpage is now one single page. Before each page used to consist of a series of webpages in a column on top of each other, as a way of keeping the editing tidier. But now I've reduced them into single pages as it might perform a little better.


Currently I'm looking into implementing some SSO (Single Sign-On) system, as currently this page consists of several account systems, making sure you're logged into all of them is a hassle. I'm currently looking into a couple possibilities but it might not be implemented fully any time soon.

FileGenerator release and future plans for FileShare


So I've made a new program, called FileGenerator. The name kinda explains the purpose, but I felt I should give it a short introduction here.

I got the idea one day at work. We were having some trouble with the connection to one of our servers, and we wanted to test whether transferring few large files or many small files affected it. After manually generating 300 small files by hand using the Windows fsutil(as we're windows based) I realized how handy it would be to make a tool that could generate a large amount of files automatically.

So that's the base of this program, it let's you customize how many files you wish to generate and the size of the files. You can choose whether all the files should be one specific size or if the program should pick random file sizes within a range. You can also create your own naming pattern so it's easy to distinguish between already existing files and the dummy files. I also added full support for running the program using cmd arguments only, so you can easily call the program using the terminal if you so desire.

If you wish to download the program or read more about it, you can do so here.


Plans for FileShare

After a very interesting lecture about cryptology at the university I've planned out a way to encrypt all traffic in the FileShare program. I could possibly simply implement it in the existing program, but I have had some new ideas on the architecture of the program and decided that I'm gonna rewrite it from scratch using C#.

This will take some time as I'm currently busy with some tasks at the study, but I will get back to it when I got some spare time.


Small update regarding Zigne

As you may have noticed I'm done sketching the first concept for the UI in Zigne. I've started looking into how to best implement it in the code, but since it's such a big project it will have to wait until I've finished up some of my smaller projects.


Thanks for your interest, I'll let you know as soon as I have any more updates regarding any of the software.

- Anders Jakob

Updates to the website

New Features

I've been working on bringing new features to this website, so here's a list of the recently added features:

  • Software Page
  • Issue Tracker
  • Forum
  • News

Software Page

On this page you will be able to download and purchase some of my software. I'm planning to keep beta versions free so we can quickly sort out any bugs to make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

You will be able to get the free software from the store without using a Credit/Debit card, just add the software you'd like to the cart and go to checkout. If the total ends up at $00 you will be able to proceed through the purchase without typing in you credit card.


Issue Tracker

I added this page so you can quickly report any trouble you have with my website or my software. It streamlines the process of reporting issues and allows you to keep track of bugs you have reported from this site: bugs.andersware.com

You will also find a link to that page on the bottom of the Issue Tracker site.

I will fix any bugs as they come in, and you can expect any bug you report to be fixed in the next update (Unless, ofcourse, it proves difficult to track down or fix).



If you would like to discuss the software with others or with me, you're welcome to the forum. It doesn't have a lot of categories at the moment, but I will be adding more soon.



So here I will be posting any news about updates or other things that might be interesting to hear about.


Thank you!

Thanks for your interest in my page, I will be sure to keep it updated with content and updates so be sure to stick around!

- Anders Jakob