Announcement of Sint

Discontinuation of Fileshare

As some may have noticed, the FileShare project is being replaced. The reason for this is an idea I had for the program, which would change the core functionality so much that the original name no longer is suited.



A new name in the ranks

Say hello to Sint.

Sint (Secure Interaction) is the new project that replaces Fileshare. The concept is expanding on the original Fileshare program, from simply being about sending files, to allowing secure interaction.


Secure interaction you say, what exactly do you mean by that?

Well, instead of simply being a program which transfers a folder, it will be a hub where you can chat privately and securely, send documents, files, or folders, etc. without having to worry about NSA or some hacker stealing your secrets. You will be able to regulate who gets access and who are not permitted, blacklist unwanted guests, regulate permissions and more.

All of this while being protected by a VPN between your clients and your host, AES 256 encrypted communication, and the ability to personally verify that the person connecting is not an imposter.


Wait, that sounds like a lot of work... When can we expect to see a release?

It is indeed a lot of work, and I don't know when I will be done. But I will have Dev and Beta releases while the software is being developed. I will also implement the security bit by bit, so keep in mind that any builds marked INSECURE, does not yet have a fully implemented security and that you should not use them to transfer any information you don't want the world to know.


Thanks for your interest!

Buckle up!

- Anders Jakob