Zigne Progress


As some may have noticed the Zigne Project is finally being worked on. The user interface is designed, tested and iterated, the algorithms are extracted from the original source files and the work of implementing the UI in Fuse Tools has started.


Previous Delay

There are a few reasons for the initial delay of this work, one of which is that the plan for creating this app in Realtime studio (which I had access to) was halted as Outracks ended the Realtime Studio beta project.

The reason for why they did this was because of how they had gone about the project, so they ended up having to restart it with a different philosophy and so the beta ended.

But recently they (now called Fuse) opened the doors to the new project called Fuse Tools which will in essence do the same thing, but with a new philosophy to back it up.

And just a couple days ago I was granted access to the new closed beta, so I could finally start working on the actual design of the app.


Release Date

As for the final release date it is a bit difficult to estimate at current time. I'm expecting to have to work on this app for about 2 weeks before it's ready for closed beta, and then it will probably need testing for a week before it's ready for release. But in the middle of this I'll be traveling for some weeks, so it's hard to tell how much actual work I will be able to put down per day.

Because of this I'm estimating to finish the app some time in the last half of August.


Thank you to everyone for your interest in my projects!

Anders Jakob