FileGenerator release and future plans for FileShare


So I've made a new program, called FileGenerator. The name kinda explains the purpose, but I felt I should give it a short introduction here.

I got the idea one day at work. We were having some trouble with the connection to one of our servers, and we wanted to test whether transferring few large files or many small files affected it. After manually generating 300 small files by hand using the Windows fsutil(as we're windows based) I realized how handy it would be to make a tool that could generate a large amount of files automatically.

So that's the base of this program, it let's you customize how many files you wish to generate and the size of the files. You can choose whether all the files should be one specific size or if the program should pick random file sizes within a range. You can also create your own naming pattern so it's easy to distinguish between already existing files and the dummy files. I also added full support for running the program using cmd arguments only, so you can easily call the program using the terminal if you so desire.

If you wish to download the program or read more about it, you can do so here.


Plans for FileShare

After a very interesting lecture about cryptology at the university I've planned out a way to encrypt all traffic in the FileShare program. I could possibly simply implement it in the existing program, but I have had some new ideas on the architecture of the program and decided that I'm gonna rewrite it from scratch using C#.

This will take some time as I'm currently busy with some tasks at the study, but I will get back to it when I got some spare time.


Small update regarding Zigne

As you may have noticed I'm done sketching the first concept for the UI in Zigne. I've started looking into how to best implement it in the code, but since it's such a big project it will have to wait until I've finished up some of my smaller projects.


Thanks for your interest, I'll let you know as soon as I have any more updates regarding any of the software.

- Anders Jakob