Updates to the website

New Features

I've been working on bringing new features to this website, so here's a list of the recently added features:

  • Software Page
  • Issue Tracker
  • Forum
  • News

Software Page

On this page you will be able to download and purchase some of my software. I'm planning to keep beta versions free so we can quickly sort out any bugs to make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

You will be able to get the free software from the store without using a Credit/Debit card, just add the software you'd like to the cart and go to checkout. If the total ends up at $00 you will be able to proceed through the purchase without typing in you credit card.


Issue Tracker

I added this page so you can quickly report any trouble you have with my website or my software. It streamlines the process of reporting issues and allows you to keep track of bugs you have reported from this site: bugs.andersware.com

You will also find a link to that page on the bottom of the Issue Tracker site.

I will fix any bugs as they come in, and you can expect any bug you report to be fixed in the next update (Unless, ofcourse, it proves difficult to track down or fix).



If you would like to discuss the software with others or with me, you're welcome to the forum. It doesn't have a lot of categories at the moment, but I will be adding more soon.



So here I will be posting any news about updates or other things that might be interesting to hear about.


Thank you!

Thanks for your interest in my page, I will be sure to keep it updated with content and updates so be sure to stick around!

- Anders Jakob