New issue tracking system and general website upgrades

Issue tracking system

Alright, so after many hours of tinkering, I've finally been able to get the issue reporting and tracking system up to scratch. The system is a combination of several services which I've tried to fit as seamlessly together as possible.

One of the new features is the small help button in the bottom right corner of the screen. It functions as a chat button if I'm available, or an email button if I'm away. It's primarily meant as an easy way to report issues or ask questions, but if you just wanna talk for a bit it can do that as well.

One neat thing about this button is that it allows me to easily create Issue tickets, based on the conversation or the email. The tickets show automatically up on the Issue Tracker page, where you can follow them from start to finish. You will also get notified by email about any progress regarding your ticket if you supplied email information in the ticket.

I've also made it easier to follow the progress of any of the projects as I've implemented the Ticket system as a way to display progress regarding features in the other projects.

Another change, which you might not notice, is that each webpage is now one single page. Before each page used to consist of a series of webpages in a column on top of each other, as a way of keeping the editing tidier. But now I've reduced them into single pages as it might perform a little better.


Currently I'm looking into implementing some SSO (Single Sign-On) system, as currently this page consists of several account systems, making sure you're logged into all of them is a hassle. I'm currently looking into a couple possibilities but it might not be implemented fully any time soon.