Zigne - Behind the scenes

Now that the user interface is more or less done, I've started the work behind the scenes.

I've been in contact with Fuse and reported the bugs I've come across and most will be fixed in the next update (this coming week). So in the meantime I've started working on the machinery that will be doing the calculations and reporting the result to the user.

So far I've finished the loading screen code and most of the code for the settings menus. Right now I'm working on the logic that will allow users to add and remove parties from the Serial calculations page and as well the button for clearing out any text that has been typed into it. This will probably be some of the most complex code in this app, so I figure it would be smart to get it out of the way early.

Thanks to the quick reaction from the people at Fuse, I might be able to share the current state of the app with a couple people to get some early feedback and thoughts some time next week.