The current status of Zigne

It's been far too long since I've written an update on the current status of Zigne, some of the reasons of which being the ongoing beta, some trouble with Apple regarding the access to Zigne beta for iOS devices and of course the start of a new semester as a student.

As to the current status of Zigne; according to the original plan we should've been done with the beta, so then the obvious question: What happened? The main reason for the delay has to do with some certification issues with Apple. When you make an app for the Apple app store you need to export the app using some certificates which are stored on your computer, so when I had to export the app from another machine it was causing problems for people attempting to download the beta. 

This of course caused ripples outwards in the beta, as our main pool of testers are on iOS devices, they were unable to test the app which again delayed when I could start discovering the issues and fixing them.

I'm not entirely confident that I will still be able to get the release out by the 14. September as I'm experiencing some issues with one of the calculations. One possibility would be to release the app without that specific feature, which I'm now considering.


Thanks for your interest!